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Love and the Boundaries of the Imagination

With Tom Cheetham, Michele Lees, Anna Guerra, John Price, and Hope Lipnick

Jung wrote that we are all the “victims and instruments of cosmogonic love.” Explore the many ways we experience love — and how the imagination is always present — in this special conference. The ways we imagine love have profound consequences for how we experience and share it. Are we the “victims and instruments” of an all-encompassing love that transcends humanity, as Jung suggested? Is love a capacity that allows us “to explore, to discriminate more and more widely” so that we can increase intimacy, as James Hillman wrote? Or is it something simple, a way to bring life and light to the world, to ourselves, and to others? 

In this fourth installment of our annual Boundaries of the Imagination summer conference, we will use lecture, small- and large-group work, and creative activities to explore how love is fundamental to everything we do and all that we imagine ourselves to be. Register early — seating is limited.